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Ilma Grove House: a lighter ecological footprint with recycled brick

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Recycled brick elegantly unites the old and new sections of a petite extension project showcasing how easy it can be to live sustainably.

In Northcote, Australia, an extension on a heritage house is an illustration of a unique way for a family to live sustainably; minimising its ecological footprint through passive solar efficiency and the promotion of a sustainable lifestyle. The entire construction is designed to provide a comfortable, modern place to live without wasting energy or materials.

The new addition to this family home sits behind the existing house. The connection is simple and direct, established in the ground floor, avoiding extra costs in demolition and reduced construction waste. For the façades, recycled brick offers an organic transition from old to new, as well as the excellent thermal mass it adds to the house.

An open lounge area connects to the existing ground floor kitchen and dining area. A black spiral staircase leads to a single bedroom on the upper level. A roof terrace provides a tempting way to enjoy a sunny afternoon, while solar panels quietly harness that same energy.

Organic materials assume the main role in interior finishing: local bluestone for the lounge floor, floor-to-ceiling wooden windows and also wood panels for the bedroom walls and ceiling. A strip of roof lighting runs along the ceiling of the new ground floor layout, defining the boundary between the old and the new. An internal garden rests beneath this frame of light… what better place to welcome Mother Nature, than in a place that cherishes her like this does.

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