Yes, building products are heavy. But when it comes to moving them, we have left behind anything unnecessary – to create a much lighter, sustainable building materials transportation footprint than you’d expect.

  • Less packaging simply makes more sense

    “Austral Bricks has long recognised the importance of building sustainably.”

    Packaging can be a major contributor to waste. Brickworks understands it has a responsibility to builders, architects, engineers and purchasers to deliver their products looking as good as they did when they came off the manufacturing line.

    This means analysing and documenting the package design, the choice of materials, the processing, and the product lifecycle.

    Due to the sheer ruggedness of the base product Austral Bricks use plastic straps, thus eliminating the need for plastic shrink-wrapping or metal bands. Likewise, the supply and return of timber pallets is no longer required.

    All Austral Bricks packaging can also be collected and recycled.

    And to make it simpler to recognise sustainable products, Austral Bricks WA is thrilled to fund and partner with the EnviroDevelopment initiative – a symbol-based branding system.

    Austral Bricks is excited about the initiative, which recognises developers and staff for work that exceeds industry and community benchmarks for sustainable and quality developments. The ultimate goal is to encourage and facilitate superior developments across Australia – ultimately reducing waste to landfill, pollution, and energy and water usage.

    For enquiries regarding our sustainability policies or initiatives please contact us on 02 98307800.

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