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More than 150 years of reinvention

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Community heritage is kept intact, while natural heritage thrives once again.

The historic Southridge Homestead is located on lands once owned by a number of early settlers in Eastern Creek, Sydney, the first (and most notable) being William Hayes, one of the area’s largest landholders.

Since the original owner, the land has led a varied life. In 1859, a Frenchman Moise Roussel purchased land in the Eastern Creek area and built four properties, one of which was called ‘Herguilliers’ – a 24-acre home paddock with a brick, shingle roofed cottage. In 1919 Frederick Bigg purchased the lands and homestead, renaming it ‘Southridge’ – farming cattle, pigs and dairy cows. Then in 1950 Penfolds Winery bought it and established vineyards on the property.

In 1964 Austral Bricks purchased more than 500 acres of the property including the homestead, to mine its particularly high quality clay.

At the end of the mining period, the pit was clean filled, and the land rehabilitated. Grasses and trees endemic to the region were planted and managed, returning the site to nature.

The Southridge House was a good example of a mid nineteenth century farmhouse, and closely connected to the area’s agricultural and viticultural history. To honour that connection, in 2012 the homestead was also restored to its former glory with the help of the Mt Druitt Historical Society and its new owners, Goodman property development.

This is just one example of how Brickworks open cast mines can be rehabilitated to not only provide usable spaces for generations to come, but in this case, to keep history in tact.

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