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Habitat for the future – mine rehabilitation

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Brickworks takes a nature-based approach to the concept of adaptive reuse with this high-profile rehabilitated quarry.

Sydney Olympic Park is one of the world’s highest profile stadia, but what is little known about this site is that it is, in fact, a rehabilitated Brickworks quarry. It was the city’s successful bid for the 2000 Olympic and Paralympic Games, which provided the impetus for what became one of the largest remediation projects ever undertaken in Australia.

At the end of their productive lives, Brickworks rehabilitates its mining sites for use by future generations. Once refilled, the sites can be capped with topsoil and planted with flora native to the area. Frequently today, these quarries are clean filled in highly compacted layers (to eliminate settlement) and can be reused as residential and industrial estates and beautiful public spaces.

Few people would believe that many tranquil, verdant inner city parklands are the sites of long-forgotten quarries.

After quarrying activity ceased on the current site of the Sydney Olympic Park, the brickpit was redeveloped into a freshwater wetland and became a natural habitat for some very precious endangered green and golden bell frogs. Once the species were found there, parklands on the site were developed with it in mind.

Today, Sydney Olympic Park encompasses one town centre, nine world-class sporting and entertainment venues, two hotels, numerous commercial buildings, 430 hectares of parklands and, thanks to its restoration, one very special sort of amphibian.

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