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9 Star Display Home – built better in brick

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Brickworks helps green builders reach for the stars with this stunning Display Home.

Some companies strive for gold stars but Brickworks strives for green. GreenSmart was established by HIA in 1999 promoting practical, affordable and durable environmental solutions for residential design and construction. All goals Brickworks also works to achieve.

Brickworks also believes in partnering with stars of sustainability. One such star is Jade Projects, a construction firm known for its efficient and sustainable home designs. The most recent is their first 9 star energy rated display home built in partnership with Right Homes and using products from Bristile Roofing.

When used in conjunction with other good design principles, double clay brick homes are thermally comfortable year-round.

Knock on the walls of this home and feel the difference – they are strong, durable and a key reason this home achieved its enviable 9 star energy rating.

It’s easy to feel the difference as you step inside. Because it’s built with brick, the home also has an acoustic advantage. It’s extremely peaceful and quiet to live in – great news for busy families. The double clay brick construction also helps to keep the house cooler in summer and warmer in winter.

As well as roof tiles and bricks, the home’s clay pavers make an ideal surface for outdoor areas. They are hardwearing and colourfast, and, like all bricks, able to be recycled for use in other projects or crushed, to be used again and again.

For enquiries regarding our sustainability policies or initiatives please contact us on 02 98307800.