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Breaking new ground with brick

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Everything we make comes from the earth. Welcome to our journey towards giving back.

Austral Bricks, in conjunction with Think Brick Australia, has developed a reputation for its involvement in a number of groundbreaking research projects.

One such project, run in partnership with The University of Newcastle and the Australian Research Council, measures the thermal performance of different construction types and materials.

Increased emphasis is now placed on the thermal performance of buildings, with energy rating systems for housing now in place. It’s long been understood that brick incorporated into a building design improves the building’s inherent ‘thermal mass’ – absorbing heat during the day and releasing it slowly overnight, reducing the need for active heating and cooling systems. This makes the interior environment a much more pleasant and energy efficient place to be.

Incorporating thermal mass into the floor, walls and/or ceilings, minimise extremes of heat and cold. Daytime heat is absorbed, keeping the interior cooler during the hottest part of the day during the warm months. And in the cooler months, good insulation in the roof and walls together with thermal mass and correct ventilation, help to stabilise internal temperatures and offset overnight energy requirements with ‘free’ passive heating.

Designing a home with north-facing living areas allows winter sun to better penetrate the thermal mass inside the house (such as double clay brick walls and combined with concrete floors) to gain and store warmth for release during cold nights.

Building in clay brick is an easy way to build thermal mass into your home, helping you to save on electricity and give something back to the earth.