Create an energy efficient home with bricks

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Create an energy efficient and comfortable home easily with bricks

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Designing and constructing an energy efficient home can dramatically reduce the amount of energy you consume.

You can save money on electricity and gas by choosing a building material that increases your home’s energy efficiency by naturally maintaining comfortable temperatures – the humble Aussie brick. Bricks not only keep you comfortably cool in summer and warmer in cold weather, they also keep you safer with their proven strength and durability. Best of all, the longer you keep your brick home, the more money you save. Unlike many other building materials, bricks require almost no maintenance, and their high energy efficiency benefits mean your home will use less energy now and in the long run.

Reduce your energy consumption and live comfortably year after year after year.

By combining bricks and insulation in your home, you can reduce your heating and cooling bills by up to 25 percent. What’s more, with energy bills predicted to rise even further in the next few years, these savings are only going to get bigger. Take advantage of brick’s natural benefits and save.

1. Design and build your home to suit your local conditions

2. Build with bricks to take advantage of their natural heating and cooling properties

3. Incorporate bricks within the internal walls of your home to help control internal temperatures

4. Save on the costs of running and maintaining your home