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Brickworks 8 star rated house in Brisbane

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Every feature in this 8 star rated house reflects our greatest expectations of a contemporary, well-designed home.

Starting with a design that took the local climate into consideration, this 8 star rated house combines features you’d expect from any Ausbuild designed home, while Brickworks range of building products that play a key role in its energy efficient construction.

The Brickworks 8 Star House is designed to take advantage of natural airflow, lighting and heating to provide comfortable, energy efficient living, all year round.

From the positioning of the windows, to the choice of building materials, the Austral 8 Star House feels good inside – it’s cool in the dry, hot summer months, and warm in winter. The home is also oriented to maximise winter sun and summer airflows, and the exterior has deeper eaves to shade in summer and capture the sun during winter, making the interior light and airy.

The classic brick exterior, roof tiling, striking internal brick walls and beautiful ceramic flooring are not only distinctive design elements of the home, but with their inherent thermal mass they act as an effective heat sink – storing warmth energy from the sun and replace the need for artificial heat and cooling, achieving energy savings of up to 25%.

The houses features work in three main ways, to achieve ‘thermal comfort’:
1. Encourage natural ventilation and airflow through the building
2. Manage how light and heat gets into the building
3. Stabilise internal temperatures to reduce the need for artificial heating and cooling

For enquiries regarding our sustainability policies or initiatives please contact us on 02 98307800.